About Us

The Kimberly Company’s owner and full-time senior consultant, Kimberly Bruce, began printing at Clemson University in the Graphic Communications Department.  She completed two printing internships while at Clemson and received her first job from her intern employer in Kansas City, MO. Kimberly continued her education at Rochester Institute of Technology, where she received a masters in business and printing.  She focused on substrates, color reproductions (UCR/GCR) and print management.  Formally trained in lithography, flexography, gravure and screen printing, Kimberly’s experience includes sheet-fed, web, offset, flexography, screen printing and dry offset.

While at Clemson, Kimberly studied Packaging Science.  Her classes focused on plastic packaging; extrusion, injection and blow molding, along with polymers used in flexible packaging for encasing perishables. Work experience includes single and multiwall paper bags, aluminum cans, paper cups, shrink wrap, labels, aluminum bottles, paper cartons, glasses and plastic cups.

Kimberly formed a consulting firm that builds upon her education, experience and passion.  Specializing in printing and packaging, The Kimberly Company tailors a strategy to satisfy a client’s needs.