Kimberly Bruce

The Kimberly Company

Printing and Packaging


The Kimberly Company is a consulting firm specializing in printing and packaging.  Kimberly Bruce, owner and senior consultant, has a degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University and an MBA specializing in printing from Rochester Institute of Technology.  The Kimberly Company provides services for growing companies with limited resources and large companies that need standardized packaging.  A company’s ability to manage and control their brand is a key element to the success of any advertising and marketing initiative. The Kimberly Company establishes quality control for packaging, allowing the creation of a uniform, recognizable image for manufactured goods; something that is crucial in brand recognition.

Creating a printed product that matches the original design involves an in-depth understanding of printing, substrates, inks and packaging.  Combining Kimberly's business sense, technical skills, experience and training makes her the right choice for your printing and packaging needs.